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About Med Diary

Founder Profile

Dr Charles Mathye is the founder and CEO of MedDiary; he is a Specialist Urologist with healthcare experience spanning over 20 years. Currently heads the Urology Unit at Helen Joseph Hospital in Auckland Park, Johannesburg, lectures at WITS medical school and practices part-time as a Private Urologist in Johannesburg. He has first-hand experience in primary and tertiary healthcare system challenges faced by patients and doctors in accessing adequate care due to the lack of an efficient referral system. This challenge motivated him to look for an innovative solution that will assist healthcare practitioners to connect and refer patients to specialists efficiently.

Vision Statement

Our Vision is to digitise healthcare booking systems across Africa by enabling the efficient connection between General Practitioners, allied health practitioners, and specialists resulting in increased access to healthcare in rural and urban communities. This efficiency will allow healthcare practitioners to focus on what they do best, care for the patients, and provide a platform where they can showcase their skills and grow their practices beyond their local network for the patient's benefit.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to allow all healthcare practitioners to digitally connect and refer patients amongst each other quickly and effectively across the world to benefit the communities they serve.

More on Med diary

Meddiary is the first online platform that allows general practitioners to locate specialists and book an appointment on behalf of their patients in real-time, 24hrs a day from anywhere in the world. In addition, it will enable General Practitioner to book their patients to any available Specialist and allow them to upload and share any relevant documents such as referral letters, blood results, X-rays on behalf of their patients. Meddiary is continuously adding more features that will include the broader health care value chain, including:

Sending patients script directly to pharmacists for medicine collection or delivery

X-ray bookings for the patients online by practitioners

Direct scheduling of patients to a laboratory for blood testing

Allowing patients from the rest of Africa and the world to be booked directly by practitioners from their respective countries

Allowing all practitioners to search and book congresses for continuous professional developments (CPD)

Download our digital Brochure here.